A change is coming

It’s been a while since my latest post, mainly due to the fact I have started a new company with 3 great people and have obviously been flat out doing that.

In light of the new company, I am officially not taking on any more freelance work in the foreseeable future. I will continue to help and support anybody I have done work for previously, but any new enquiries or projects will be done through my new ultra-excellent company.

Which brings me onto this website. If am not pimping out my freelance skills, then this site as it stands is pretty useless. So what do I do with it?

I could use it as some highly complicated CSS3 / HTML 5 test project, but to be honest there are better people out there to do that.

I could just leave it as a blog, bit as you are probably aware, my tardiness at updating it makes it pretty dull to most people.

So I am open to suggestions.

Whilst i am deliberating about what to do, give pure white creative ALL YOUR WORK. There is a new site coming soon along with a bit of a re-brand. I’ll keep you posted.


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Forza Motorsport 3 – Official Launch Trailer


Oh yeah baby…. Can’t wait.

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Great track!

Ann Sexton - You’ve been gone too long

One of the most amazing tracks EVER!

They don’t make them like this anymore..

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Honda Develops New Personal Mobility Device: U3-X

Awesome, not the fact that fat people will get fatter, but the fact it moves in ANY direction.

Proper genius that.

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What your e-mail footer says about you

E-mail footers - what they really say about you | Freeman Christie

E-mail footers as the subject of an article?  Come on.  Isn’t this just scraping through the bottom of the barrel into the cesspit beneath?  Actually, no.  Everything you send out from your organisation conveys something of your brand - and the small things often have the most impact.

Of course, you probably don’t have too much influence over your e-mail footer.  It’ll probably have been cooked up in a meeting between your IT and Legal departments.  Oh, what fun that must have been. But, small and as apparently insignificant as it is, what you put at the bottom of your e-mails unwittingly says quite a lot about your business.

Our extensive research and in-depth scientific study of Freeman Christie’s in-boxes has revealed the four main types of e-mail footer and the organisations behind them…  What sort is yours??

Read more…

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Awesome footwork, monster car!

Walter Röhrl onboard montage ~1985

Now THAT is driving.

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Truly Mental!

Monster Go Kart

A 900cc Fireblade engine in a go kart!

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Creative Grooming – AWESOME!


They may resemble pandas, buffalos and camels - but these animals are actually poodles, all competing for the title of top dog at ‘creative grooming’ shows across the U.S.

Something of a canine fancy dress contest, it takes just two hours for owners to transform their pets, which are sheared and coloured to achieve each look.

The incredible transformations were captured by photographer Ren Netherland (nice beard), who travels thousands of miles each year to attend each competition.

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Well, show-time is nearly over for Cameron

For those of you that may have missed it (unlikely) Cameron’s run in the West End finished next Friday, so if you haven’t had a chance to see him you had better hurry up!

We are so incredibly proud of Cameron, he has done an amazing job and thoroughly loved EVERY minute of his time on the stage.

I would also personally like to thank everyone involved who has helped Cam on this amazing journey including the cast who have been fabulous.

I am looking forward to his last show and I’m sure it will be very emotional!

West End debut for budding star

April 17, 2009

A BOY from Ashtead has made his West End debut opposite Jason Donovan at the age of just seven.

Cameron Sayers is playing Donovan’s son Benjamin in the musical Priscilla, Queen of the Desert at London’s Palace Theatre.

In only his second stage role, Cameron speaks all his lines in an Australian accent as well as singing a duet with the leading man.

His mother Vanessa said her son had always wanted to act.

“I know people always say that, but he has been talking about it since we can remember,” she said. “He was born to do this.”

Cameron, a pupil at the Greville Primary School, is taken to his twice-weekly performances by his mum, his dad Mark and his grandparents.

Cameron’s family, including his four-year-old brother Tyler, have also been helping him perfect his lines and Australian accent.

“It has been a real family effort,” Mrs Sayers added. “We are all so proud of what Cameron has achieved. It has all been so quick – this was his first West End audition so it is incredible he got it.

“Cameron is loving being on stage. He sings at home all the time and practices his lines to himself constantly. He is so committed.”

Five boys share the role of Benjamin, taking turns with the show’s eight performances a week until September.

Cameron opened the show’s West End run on March 10 with two weeks of previews, and also performed at the press night and gala evening.

Mrs Sayers said that although her son was working hard, the family was being careful to make sure it did not interfere with his schooling.

“His school have been wonderfully supportive,” she said. “But we are keeping a careful eye on him to make sure he stays on track and isn’t too tired.”

Cameron started acting professionally when he won the part of Wendy’s little brother Michael at Epsom Playhouse’s Peter Pan pantomime.

“It was obvious despite his young age that he had a huge amount of talent,” said Songtime Theatre Arts principal Matthew Chandler, who auditioned Cameron and then put him forward to play Benjamin in Priscilla.

“He impressed both the producers and the audience at every performance,” he said. “I feel sure this young man is destined to see his name in lights in the future.”

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We’ve already got a soft spot for Fiat’s 500 Abarth, but this conversion from German tuner Karl Schnorr raises the little car’s game to another level.

The first upgrade to catch our eye is the red painted 7x17ins alloys from OZ, which Schnorr will supply for just over 1,000 Euros. Schnorr also promises better road holding from a special coilover kit, which lowers the Fiat a few millimetres and costs 1.270 Euros fitted.

But it’s the two-stage power upgrade that we’re most interested in. Power Level I costs 950 Euros and lifts output by a useful 28hp to 163hp, but power level II at 5,050 Euros takes the car into proper performance car territory.

According to Schnorr an engine software remap combined with a sport exhaust system and a bigger turbocharger give the Fiat 500 an additional 65hp taking the total output to a heady 200hp. No acceleration figures are quoted, but with a 1035kg kerbweight it ought to fly. We’ve just had a go in Fiat’s own £16,100 EsseEsse version of the 500 Abarth (the standard 135hp Abarth is £13,605) which makes 160hp, and that was fast enough to be jolly good fun - watch this space for RacingPete’s review…

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