We’ve already got a soft spot for Fiat’s 500 Abarth, but this conversion from German tuner Karl Schnorr raises the little car’s game to another level.

The first upgrade to catch our eye is the red painted 7x17ins alloys from OZ, which Schnorr will supply for just over 1,000 Euros. Schnorr also promises better road holding from a special coilover kit, which lowers the Fiat a few millimetres and costs 1.270 Euros fitted.

But it’s the two-stage power upgrade that we’re most interested in. Power Level I costs 950 Euros and lifts output by a useful 28hp to 163hp, but power level II at 5,050 Euros takes the car into proper performance car territory.

According to Schnorr an engine software remap combined with a sport exhaust system and a bigger turbocharger give the Fiat 500 an additional 65hp taking the total output to a heady 200hp. No acceleration figures are quoted, but with a 1035kg kerbweight it ought to fly. We’ve just had a go in Fiat’s own £16,100 EsseEsse version of the 500 Abarth (the standard 135hp Abarth is £13,605) which makes 160hp, and that was fast enough to be jolly good fun - watch this space for RacingPete’s review…

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    At first glance, the Fiat 500 Abarth and its powerful sister the esseesse would normally not really seem to fit into the Hamann-Motorsport program. …